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What is Exegesis?

!t's a scholarly research methodology used in Biblical Studies disciplines.

For millennia people have read and interpreted Biblical text. Some methods of interpretation were rigorous and insightful, but some were questionable, even harmful, and neglected many relevant factors. To remedy this, modern exegesis aims to provide a standardized, scholarly, critical interpretation and explanation of written text, that incorporates some vital considerations.

Its purpose is to present a case for how the original Biblical author intended their text to be understood by their intended, original reader.

A scholarly exegesis paper is a specified process that demonstrates how an exegete (like yourself) went about his/her exegesis and the factors they took into consideration in doing so. Because of its standardized format, the process allows scholars (also like yourselves) to read the exegesis of others and comment on their evidence-based merits/shortcomings in your papers and publications.  

This process provides a strong element of accountability, rigor, and peer review, which minimizes misuse of the text to achieve an agenda.  Exegesis is important to Biblical scholars because it allows us to critically interpret and attempt to explain the meaning of Biblical text - and be rigorously accountable for that interpretation. Exegesis provides modern persons with an evidenced-based, scholarly approach to reading Biblical text.

Before you start your exegesis paper.

How to pick a passage, undertake a word study, and a scholarly literature review. 

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How to lay out your exegesis paper.

Outlines the sections that need to be in your paper, what is discussed in those sections, and all about "style." 

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Useful resources for your exegesis paper.

Find useful links to scholarly resources to help you research and write your exegesis paper. 

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Examples of exegesis papers.

Examples of student exegesis papers.

See real student exegesis papers and a grading matrix that will help you write an A+ exegesis paper. 

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Jan A. Sigvartsen PhD

This site was developed by Dr Jan A. Sigvartsen who specializes in teaching Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Period Literature, Jewish Studies, Archaeology, and Theology/World Religion classes.  He currently teaches at Andrews University, and is also a research consultant for the Center for Collaborative Study of Trauma, Health Equity, and Neurobiology. He formerly taught at the Theologische Hochschule Friedensau, Germany where he was the PhD Programs Coordinator and Associate Director of their Institute for Biblical Studies and Archaeology.  While at Friedensau he was associated with the Balu'a Regional Archeological Project, a major Iron-Age archaeological site in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 

His favorite research and teaching areas are trauma-informed readings of biblical texts and the multiple death and resurrection beliefs in the Second Temple Period - basically angels, demons, hellfire, and chaos.  He was born in Norway and has Viking ancestors, so that may explain a few things... his students love this stuff too. 

Jan created this website in 2012 for his students to use, but, quite by accident, nearly half a million students from more than 190 countries, started using it too.   


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